Korean Clam Soup Recipe Jo Gae Tang 조개탕


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  1. Richard we started our YouTube channels at about the same time, you beat me out 4 times over with half the recipes. Watched a lot of other peoples recipes and I think you have it spot on. We have some things in common are recipes are unique and interring. I juggle 42 web sites and 4 you tube channels, it's a lot of work. But for my money you should be on TV.

  2. Korean cuisine is based on soup and stews made with all kinds of fresh seafood, beef pork. Jo Gae Tang 조개탕 is one of these Koreans soups.To answer your question with out a doubt Korean soup recipes and stews are a mainstay unlike other Asian cuisines. When it comes to to other Asian cuisines they differ like the stars and moon. But almost all Asian countries use rice as stable.

  3. Hey Bald Chef!

    Thanks for another great video . . . I've always wondered how you might define "chinese" vs "japanese" vs "korean" vs "thai" cooking . . .

    So, do you think that "korean" cooking is more "soup-based" than the others, then ?

    You could make some videos out of this question, eh? *lol*

    All best,,, Jersey Joe 🙂

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