Kids Lunch Box Ideas | Indian Healthy Lunch Box Recipes | Quick and Easy Lunch Box


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  1. very nice ideas for kid's lunch box , look yummy , it's very easy to make , it's very healthy for kid's, your all recipes r very good , thanku so much for sharing this video….😄👍👍👍

  2. ma'am we don't get any cereal bar in India so Wat to do…..sorry if I am troubling u…. by asking this question instead pls show some thing.i ill sure try this recipe both my children will like it..Thank u

  3. Not for kids only…so good and changing ideas!! I've to check out, how to make Baratha… Is egg powder in the pancake mix and is it self raising flour? It's holding very nicely together and it seems to raise, too. I hope, you're making the same nice food for you, too;-). I wished, I had have such inspirations during my long working years, looking back and comparing with yours, it seems boring to me…it's also your kind of serving, which looks so inviting, you have an eye for beauty. In Germany we say: the eye wants to eat, too. Thank you for sharing❣Love, Monika

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