Kids’ favorites/Tandoori Chicken,Bread Kunafa,Prawns Roast,Malai Egg Curry,Hummus


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  1. Could you pls introduce that what kind of oven r u using? Mine is cooking range oven. I'm little bit confused about whether the bread kunafa will be baked on both sides alike or not

  2. Hey..I liked how well u have organised ur fridge..also the towel which u had wrapped in the handle..nice hack.👍👍.to prevent it from getting dirty🤗🤗…lots of love from India😘😘..kindly do a fridge tour..what u

  3. dear sis….njaninn morng ee doshayum ee egg malay curry yumaanu undakiyath….parayathirikkan pattunnillaa…very tasty..makkalkellam nalla ishtamayi taste…thankuuuuu sooo much..😘😘👍

  4. So long and first time watching you but I enjoyed every second of it..
    You are super mama but please take care of yourself and your hands. Pamper yourself.
    Are Indian? I'm usa citizen but I lived in India for 4 years

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