KFC Fried Chicken Secret Recipe – Original Recipe / Secret Ingredients / How to Make KFC


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  1. I already know the recipe cause i saw it on snapchat:
    2/3 tablespoons of salt
    1/2 TBSP thyme
    1/3 tbsp oregano
    1/2 tbsp basil
    1 tbsp celery salt
    1 tbsp black pepper
    1 tbsp dried mustard
    4 tbsp paprika
    2 tbsp garlic salt
    1 tbsp ground pepper
    3 tbsp white pepper

  2. I have spent many years trying to make something that tastes like KFC. I have found some recipes that are very good. I was told you have to have a Fargo air cooker or what was called the chicken pot. It took me six months to find the Fargo. They stopped making these things many years ago. I gave $250 for that one pot. God only knows how much time I have wasted tracking down one spice or another only to be disappointed. I would think that IF this is the real recipe there would be a ton of people on here saying so. But I could be wrong. Still, I would like to hear more comments.

  3. As yummy as KFC is… I had Dominican Fried Chicken and it was better!! Saying that…I'm pretty sure they boil it vs brine it…similar to above recipe…then bread and deep fry. It's called Picco Pollo. Look it up!

  4. Hi chef,
    I never before read all the comments as I did here. Can learn so much not only from the video but more from questions and answers below. Thank you. My question is, when I fry a batch the oil tends to darken and particles collect at the bottom. How many times i can re fry using the same oil without altering the flavor. And how about kfc, how often do they change their oil, or do they have their own filtration process? oil is not cheap and I wonder what is done about that, especially used oil can darken the color of the skin and it doesn't turn out golden in color?

    Thanks in advance

  5. if you're just keeping it in refrigirator for a day is there really a need for the preservatives? Of course KFC does it but they are in business of selling meat before it spoils

  6. Hello Whats4Chow

    Thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate it.

    I was sorry to hear about your wife's illness and I sincerely hope that she is on the mend. I will pray for her full recovery, as well as for you, as you care for her.
    (I am an Arch-priest in the Church of Antioch in Australia, an independent Catholic church. Our head office and Patriarch is in Santa Fe, New Mexico.)
    I have myself had a quadruple bypass 6 years ago, so I know how stressing this period can be, even if you are prepared for it or not.
    Know that your YouTube family will be thinking of you and giving you both the strength and spiritual support that you need at this moment.

    Sharing ideas and developments on the food front is a good way to expand our culinary knowledge and making new friends.
    We are never too old to learn. Even at my age I am still learning and developing recipes over here.
    An old mentor of mine once said, “If you stop learning, you might as well be dead,” and I heartily agree with him.
    Thank you for sharing your KFC recipe with us.
    I have to tell you, I got caught after making my first batch of KFC.
    After I had cooked up the thighs (they looked and smelled like the KFC of the 60’s) I cut into one and it was red on the bone, like uncooked; and I thought that it was raw, so I cooked the remaining pieces for a further 8 minutes only to discover that saltpetre actually turns meat red; because they use saltpetre in corning beef to give it that red colour, otherwise it would be grey and look completely unappealing.
    Another lesson learned!
    I felt so silly and ruined those pieces of thighs, as they were really overcooked.
    Now I know this, I am prepared for the next batch.
    Thank you once again for returning me to my youthful days of KFC.
    Kind regards & prayers

  7. I followed this recipe exactly the way it's shown using prague powder and I couldn't get past how salty it came out. Is it the prague powder that makes it so salty? Can I use maybe 60 grams instead of 105? That said, everyone in my family raved about this chicken and my husband said it was 98% like KFC! He just wouldn't give me the remaining 2 % lol. I don't like a lot of salt so maybe it was just me. thank you for sharing such an awesome recipe!

  8. Hi Guys from Tasmania, Australia
    Firstly I owe you an apology! I thought this was going to be just another failed copy-cat waste of time. Having looked closely at your recipe, I thought it just might work. So I gave it a try. To be honest I hate KFC with a vengeance! When KFC came out in Australia in the early 1960's, it was brilliant: crispy coating, juicy succulent chicken, then came the pressurized vats & for me KFC was DEAD & I have not eaten it for over 40 years. Even the Colonel himself was quoted as saying "It was the worst chicken he had ever tasted" as he left one of his franchised stores. So that's saying something. Now back to your recipe:
    After making my first batch of thighs, I found a couple of small issues: firstly the coating did not stay crispy for long and started to soften and the finished product was too dark for my liking. I like a "Light golden colour" on my crusts.
    So I hope you don't mind, I made three modifications to your recipe and that did the trick.
    I have been cooking for over 50 years & working with flour based coatings have found them to moisten up, so I overcame this by adding cornflour. So with your 2 cups of plain flour I added 1 cup of cornflour and that did it.
    The second was the oil temperature; I reduced mine to 150º C and thirdly increased the cooking time to 25 minutes.
    Might I suggest that you add these changes to your recipe and you'll have the perfect KFC.
    Feel free to use them, I'm too old for any credit. I was so impressed with what you guys came up with, I just wanted to give you the benefit of my years in the kitchen.
    Just as an afterthought:
    Have you ever thought of KFC Turkey!!!! you could have another winner.
    We in Australia don't eat a lot of turkey only at Christmas time.
    Our protein consumption mainly consists of beef, lamb, pork, kangaroo, chicken & fish.
    Keep up the good work & thank you very much as now I can have my 1960's KFC at home.

  9. The KFCs where I live are doing something that is NOT original. The chicken is OK, but not what the Old Colonel did, so I really eager to try this. Rather than placing myself on a DHS watch list for buying the primary oxidant in gun powder, I just ordered the Prague powder. It has Sodium Nitrate vice Potassium Nitrate. As soon as the parts all come together, I will get back to you. This is exciting.

  10. I FOLLOWED THIS RECIPE TO THE DOT AFTER FINDING SALTPETRE ON AMAZON AT THIS LINK: https://www.amazon.com/PACK-QC-SALTPETRE-POWDER-4OZ/dp/B008IX60PK#customerReviews. IT COST ME AROUND $20 TO HAVE IT SHIPPED TO MY ADDRESS, (> OR < FOR YOU). I HAD NEVER HEARD OF SALTPETR, BUT ITS POTASSIUM NITRATE USED IN GUNPOWDER AND FOOD PRESERVATION. I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT BRINE WAS EITHER. BELIEVE ME, I HAVE TRIED DOZENS OF RECIPES OVER THE PAST TWO DECADES AND ALL HAVE FAILED, MISERABLY. THEY MADE A GREAT DINNER, BUT DIDN'T SCRATCH THE SURFACE OF THEIR OBJECTIVE- KFC CHICKEN. Let me tell you that what this person has done deserves a lot of credit- every question in the comments is carefully responded to. How organized! I had been hunting the recipe down for so long that I had to bring KFC to do a blindfold test. My wife and kids were unable to determine which is which!!! Pretty damn good results if you ask me and we are regulars at KFC. Make sure not to brine Put it this way, If you tried making it and failed, give this one a try. After all, it was worth more than the $20 saltpetre and time to finally achieve this and as far as KFC goes, we won't stop going since the kids love their other menu items.

  11. Just a note on acquiring saltpetre (food grade potassium nitrate) online. Penn Herb Co. offers it in different quantities, including one ounce ($1.95) and four ounces ($5.70), plus shipping. This link wil take you directly to the product: http://www.pennherb.com/search?mv_session_id=4bfPUV6Q&mp=s&s=FOOD+GRADE%3A+Potassium+Nitrate.
    I see that Prague Powder can also be used, which leads me to ask if one is preferable over the other?
    And many thanks for your fantastic recipe!


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