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  1. This much cashew nut and carrot is not good in keto diet. unlike almond Cashew has more carbs. Its better to avoid Carrot in me to diet. Because , once the percentage of carb in the diet is increased, ketosis will not happen

  2. Good effort but you would want to avoid the cashews and the carrots on Keto as they are quite heavy on the carbs and if you have too many carbs in a day you are likely to be kicked out of the state of ketosis and your body switches over to burning glucose for energy instead of fat. So… apart from that it's a good version.

  3. This was very useful. Blessing in fact! I have been keto diet and being a complete vegetarian its so difficult to think of ideas.. Varun, is it possible for you to share some more options, please.

  4. I have been on keto for sometime and indian recipes which are keto friendly are be honest!! And much less for those who eat only eggs and seafood. Please do more of keto recipes for us!!

  5. Yummy 😋 always creative god give you health and wellness and thanks for the best chef in the world 😍❤️😋👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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