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  1. I used to eat like this until I was told that I needed to eat no fat and 6 small meals a day. I hated cooking and eating from then on and have struggled with keeping the weight off and my lack of energy. Then I found this life style. Oh thank you. Now I can eat fat again. I used to skip meals all of the time and would eat a little lunch and a little dinner and I was fine. Then they told me that I had to eat frequently. Now I can go back to how I lived for most of my adult life. Thank you for the validation that what I had been doing naturally is the correct way to live.

  2. I have made this in yesterday's dinner.. I loved it so much.. Yeahhh
    Can i eat daily as a dinner in keto diet or shuld i make it after some day. I cant eat spinach in any other way. Pls reply.

  3. Hello sir, I m very new on keto. First of all, I would like to say A BIG HEARTLY THANK YOU for sharing veg recipes. I m on veg kito diet, and it's very boring to eat paneer.

    My question is can we eat onions on kitos, really?

  4. New subscriber here, you are killing this with easy to follow recipes man ! I tried this soup just now, but mine had a bitter taste and an after taste, i didn't strain it, could it be that? I added shit loads of cream to mask the bitterness but it had an after taste still.. also when i had it my right lower abdomen started to hurt , am i turning into hulk? Thanks .

    Pliz do answer 🤘🏼

  5. This is the first of your recipes that I've tried out. Absolutely delicious! My mother is really pleased I'm finally eating some green leaves haha. Next in line is your Shepherd's/Cottage Pie, followed by your fried chicken. Happily subscribed to your channel mate, keep up the good work!

  6. Prepared this today for lunch and it was amazing. I just added one deseeded green chilly and grinded it and finally added some smoked cheddar along with fresh cream… Never liked spinach but this made me fall in love with it!

  7. This all sounds delicious and I'll be trying it soon.

    It may be helpful if you dedicated a quick video to the conversion of butter to Ghee. Its easy, eliminates butter's dairy solids and raises its burn temp considerably.

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