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  1. To anyone that "freaks out" a bit about the carbs in Jicama, here is the info: I eat 1 serving as a side with my protein and fat, 1 Cup ( 130 grams ) of Jicama has ONLY 5 NET ( I repeat NET, I ONLY count NET ) carbs and 49 calories. That is NOT a lot and it IS Keto friendly if you don't eat the ENTIRE BATCH lol ( same can be said about all veggies on Keto, watch your PORTIONS! If it's too much for YOU don't eat it! I never had an issue with this throwing me out of Ketosis and I've been at it 7 years now, so I will not address this again, Jicama fries are SO healthy and delicious and yes, KETO FRIENDLY! Love to you all! 🙂

  2. Yummy! May want to use parchment since aluminum is not good for us. No idea if it leaches, but I only use it to cover a casserole dish when it does not touch my food.

  3. It would be nice if you say a little something about the Jicama. The benefits of using this vegetable? What country it's from? Why you are using this vegetable? Difference between that and traditional potatoes? What they taste like? Where you buy them? There was a loooot of time while you were cutting them up. It's not a commonly used vegetable and most people will not know much about it. That said. I will try this recipe!

  4. a tip with Jicama and getting it soft (semi)…poke holes in it and put it in the micro wave for about 15-20 minutes depending on how large it is. I do it before cutting it up but Ive been thinking I might want to slice it into fries first. then bake about 20 minutes to 30 as you do.. and they are really good.

  5. I love nutritional yeast! I'll admit, I was extremely skeptical at first, since it's so frequently associated with vegan diets… and I'm not vegan. However, I can't eat regular dairy. This is an awesome flavoring… if has a nutty, almost cheese like taste. For those in a non-dairy diet, definitely give it a shot!

  6. I just found your channel and I'm so glad I did. I'm a diabetic who just started the keto lifestyle on January 6th. I'm already seeing the benefits. I've lost 12+ pounds, several inches, I'm off 2 of my diabetic meds, my acid reflux med and my BS numbers have dropped by about 250 points. Thank you for help us newbies figure this out. 🙂 BTW, what is the name of the music playing on this video? It's very relaxing. God bless~

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