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  1. I love watching you cook Indian foods. This is probably as close as I will get to traveling to India. You stir my imagination and give a good mix. Please continue to make Indian keto food. Thank you.

  2. I suspect that I might have seen your dad in a movie called "My name is khan". I don't regularly watch bollywood movies, but I saw some clips on a big screen in a indian restaurant/pub.

  3. If you know how to make Thai curries that'd be great, but I love your Indian recipes. Really, I'm learning how to cook Indian food from you in a way that the cookbooks available in the states can't convey.

  4. Just made this for dinner tonight, deeee-licious! I didn't have the fenugreek leaves available, but I used a sprinkling of fenugreek powder instead, I don't think that affected it adversely. Fabulous! This will become a staple meal for me.

  5. PHENOMENAL dish! I am a huge fan of your recipes and I love your headbangin' delivery. I'll also give another shout out for Indian recipes – please keep them coming!

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