Keto Berry Swirl Cheesecake | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen


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  1. I made it yesterday and it was ready 8 pm… today is gone!! It was sooooo good! hmm I didn't have mascarpone cheese but just cream cheese worked for me. Does mascarpone cheese make a big difference?

  2. Thank you for sharing this recipe!! Could you let me know which brand of cream cheese did you buy. I've tried La Cremella for other recipes but found the taste not the same as Philly cream cheese!

  3. When you're salivating and very sad because you're in college with no access to anything remotely healthy and delicious 😂😭… But seriously, when I was at home I baked your chocolate cake for my dad's birthday and it was sooooo delicious!!!

  4. So I just made this using 4 smaller spring form pans. Everything looked just like yours cake until the smaller pans started bubbling over a bit, a little less than half way through the cook time. I wasn't so worried, just figured I wouldn't fill the smaller pans up as much next time. Well then smoke started filling my kitchen. I opened the oven to find the tops already browned and what I believe was butter from the crust dripping onto the bottom of my oven. The hubby says they look a HOT MESS. We haven't tried them yet but I am sure they still taste good minis their rough appearance.

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