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  1. Hello. I have a question. I just got in to keto for 2 months now. i learnt that a keto diet should be 70% in fat and not over 20% in protein. but al lot of recepies are with beef and chicken. and they are low in fat and hi in protein. zo im a little confused. can annyboddy help me out with this? (sorry for my bad english)

  2. I did mine almost identical. what I changed is I used hamburger, added 4 oz cream cheese to thicken and used cooked cabbage as my "noodle". OMG it's so dang good. I am going to try your way next time with a roast sliced up. I may put it over cauli rice. love your channel. HORNS UP!!! love it

  3. This recipe is amazing!!! And i never strained the beef. Just added all the ingredients after the beef was cooked a while. 🙂 this is now a regular in my home. Perfect!

  4. Beef stroganoff is another dish I've missed so much while doing keto. I miss pasta a lot. I'm of Italian origin. I will try it with the courgette ribbons. You're very passionate about what you do and it comes through with your facial expressions and comments when you taste your dish. Keto on, my friend. You have a lot of fans out there.

  5. do you just get your noodles warm? ive been trying to get mine to work but have never. i will try cutting them like an egg noodle ive been doing spaggetti cutting. do you think that may be why or im cooking to long they are just much

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