Kerala Beef Roast/Kuttanadan Beef Varattiyathu/Beef Fry -Recipe no 128


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  1. Chechi… Ente sister oru beef xpert aanu.. Njn avalodu chechide recipes ne kurichu paryarund… Angane aval ee dish try chythu.. "ninte veenas curry wrld nte first attmpt aanu kto" nu parnjapo enik cherya tension undarnnu.. Bcoz aval areyenkilum 👍parayanamenkil ath xtra ordinary ayirikknm…. finaly inne vare undakkiyathil best beef fry undakkit… Super nnu aval paranjappo sathyam parnja ente kannu niranju poi…. We love u so much….

  2. hi chechi i loved ur recipes …. njan 2 months kutty dae ammae aan… please do share mutton soup recipe for post pregnancy ladies .it's request from Banglore malayalees aannae..

  3. Have to tell you Veena Chechi… being an amateur cook myself… I followed your recipe to the dot… and it turned out extremely good. You are truly a blessed chef. Keep sharing all your recipes. God Bless you and your family.

  4. Hai veena recipe ugran inshaAllah njaan try cheyyunnund.beef wash cheyyumpol ,1kgbeefnu vinegar eathra ozhikkanam?eappolaanu cherkkendath?kazhukunnathinu munpaano atho kazhukiyathinu sheshamo? Marupady pratheekshikkunnu

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