Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe


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  1. How about a good Chicken Gizzard recipe? KFC stopped selling gizzards years ago and now the only place I can find them is Chester's Chicken – and Chester's are hard to find. I would love to be able make them at home, I have tried many times and have had mediocre results

  2. I'm single & LOVE KFC Original recipe. This recipe calls for way too much for a single serving so I am going to mix double amount of spices & herb & keep in a covered jar. Then I can just mix the appropriate amount of spices with the corresponding amount of flour for 2 or 3 pieces of chicken. Also, when it comes out of my deep fryer, it will transfer straight to my NuWave oven, which will alter cooking time by as much as half. I'll send my video the next time I fry chicken. Thanks for your guidance on this!

  3. When the Chicago Tribune posted the recipe of the "secret" ingredients, I decided to give the recipe a try. I tried it but wasn't impressed with it. To be fair, I didn't brine the chicken nor cook it as you describe (fast-fry then bake). I want to give this another try using your technique. But I'm curious, why do you think your results are much better doing it your way?

  4. This method of fried chicken is perfect! Being a Kentucky girl, I felt the seasoning wasn't quite right though, but close! Today is my second time making this recipe. The chicken is juicy and crisp! I was impressed with how well they turned out. Thank you for this great method for frying the perfect chicken leg!

  5. A simpler way that I get McDonald's french fries is from Frozen McCain shoestring potatoes and do them in the oven as per description on the bag. In Canada McDonald's fries are supplied by McCain

  6. Im sure its delicious…..but…..NEVER in a million years would I go through this hassle!!  Injector, brining, frying, baking 😳 WAY to much work for me!! Clean up alone would drive me crazy!!  While I love it, I only buy KFC only every couple of years, so for me, I'm driving there and buying a bucket of extra crispy!

  7. Thanks for a great recipe . I need to get a deep fryer. Definitely want to try this. I'll probably do the regular recipe. Love the original. Thanks again. Subscribed.

  8. Do you happen to know what kind of oil KFC uses to fry their chicken? Here in Las Cruces, NM there are 3 KFC's and they all usually over cook their chicken. The best chicken here is at a restaurant called Grandy's. Next best is Church's. we don't have a Popeye's.

  9. I enjoyed the video and the chicken is probably very good. I love fried chicken and I buy fried chicken at four different locations depending on where I am and what my taster wants. I find KFC tasty but not out of this world delicious. I know many people want that KFC taste but it is just ok to me. My favorite chicken is home cooked. I do not use 11 herbs and spices but it is still pretty good. So many people don't cook chicken at home and don't know how to do it so they have no reference on what is really good chicken. KFC is all over the place so that is where many get their chicken, the only pl;ace they get it. I liked your technique about frying and baking the chicken. I have heard from other cooks also that this makes really good chicken.

  10. I've just tried this recipe very closely (without the MSG injection!) and it looked exactly the same as the video, but there was way too much of the herbs and spices in there in my opinion. If you are doing this type of dish for the first time I would halve the amount of herbs and spices i.e. it should be more like a teaspoon measurement rather than a tablespoon (e.g half a teaspoon rather than half a tablespoon). That way you will always have a result you can actually enjoy because the fried chicken will always be nice whether it has the herbs and spices in it or not.

  11. Sir, if i had brined the chickens then i must fry the chicken right after i took them out from the brine solution? What if i decides to not cook them yet and store in the freezer first, should i brine them again later on? Lets say after 2-3 days

  12. I am very impressed Mike, I really like how you used MSG and did your homework about it. MSG really gets a bad rap and the sheer amount of hypocrisy that goes around blaming MSG but continuing to champion foods rich with MSG (aged parmesan cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.) annoys me. You've earned another subscriber due to your willingness to do research, question things and be creative in the name of all things tasty and delicious. Looking forward to more content from you!

  13. i didn't see the link to the mcdonald's french fries….am I just missing it? And do you think a person could put the chicken in an air fryer instead of the oven after flash frying it?

  14. MSG is very safe. It’s main ingredient is tapioca, and a mono sodium. Safer than salt or sugar. It has been researched for over 30 years with no definitive proof that it is dangerous. All of asia uses MSG, thats over 4 billion people. Do your home work you will see how safe MSG is, no high blood pressure or heart disease like with salt, no tooth decay, or diabetes like with sugar.

  15. Hi I would like to thank you for your video i have tried your recipe I must say this is the closest to the original KFC. I have tried another recipe last time and brine the chicken with salpeter. But yours with msg is the best than salpeter . IT is Tastefull and juicy. Although I added chickencubes in the brine and I did not use the oven.
    Thanks again.
    Greets from the Netherlands.

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