Ken Hom Roast Pork Belly


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  1. Well, i guess Ken Hom cooked the right roast pork, and that's the way it looks like and thats the original and our TRADITIONAL way of cooking it, in the Philippines we cooked the way as Ken Hon did (thats what we call it LECHON which is the skin is cooked plain and cripy and juicy inside) which is the whole pork will be roated and we just put some herbs inside the whole pork before roasting it in firewoods or in a charcoal and the skin is look like what Ken Hom the way he cooked it! you can check in google the image of Filipino whole roasted pork (The LECHON) and it look the same because when we roast pork we dont rub a SALT on the skin, we only rub sprite or any light soda on the skin when we cooked, if it gets dry again we will just rub again and again until it is done or same liked what Ken Hom cooked it. Mostly you usually see or cooked the roasted pork belly by rubbing a salt and pepper on the skin and put it in an oven, so when it cooked or roasted it, it has a bubble like crispy taste on the skin thats not a LECHON thats what we called it (BAGNET or LECHON KAWALI or a CRISPY PATA way of cooking it so making the skin as what we called it CHICHARON look like and became crispy) you can check it in google and I hope you can see the difference between our LECHON (ROAST PORK) which Ken Hom cooked it the way it is or the original roast pork and our (BAGNET OR LECHON KAWALI or the CRISPY PATA way of cooking it or CHICHARON look like) actually this recipe was just started from the CRISPY PATA recipe which it was deep fried by an oil then some Filipino chefs used other parts of the pork wich is the Belly and it is known as LECHON KAWALI (cooked it in a KAWALI and the modernway is the oven now) and then some provinces in the Philippines they have the same way of cooking it but they make thier own version or other name with it and that's what we have now BAGNET, And i think in the foriegn country that's what they called it ROAST PORK BELLY because it was cookrd or roasted it in an oven.

  2. Chinese normally used whole young pork not just the belly.. Ken home destroyed The egg fried rice is.. He is a famous chef and that's how he do egg fried rice????? .. Hmmm

  3. Hi. Not sure if you still comments on this site. Hope you do. Hoping you or anyone else can hlep. I am trying to find the episode 2, season 12 that was shown on 15 Sept 2012 where Ching He Huang appeared cook the Twice Cooked Pork. Can you upload if you have this episode or point me to where I can watch it ? Many thanks in advance for your kind help.

  4. I love james martin.  I really do.  I wish he would do more actual cooking shows.  But when a guest is on the show, PLEASE someone tell him to just shut up so I can listen to what ken is saying.  He just keeps on interrupting!! I don't care about your interesting tidbits on your card!

  5. His Fried Rice doesn't look Chinese at all also his Pork Belly.
    To be honest, every Ken's clip on youtube I found was not Chinese food even he claim it's chinese.

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