Katsudon Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. I looove japanese food and katsudon is one of my favourites. I've always wanted to try japanese cooking and thought I'd start with this. I added onions to the sauce and some bonito flakes on top as well as some sprouts and shredded cabbage. it was really yummy! thank you so much for your excellent and easy to follow recipe videos, I want to try your okonomiyaki next. :)

  2. Noriko and Yuko. Thank You!!! Thanks for this recipe! It tastes almost just like the katsudon my husband and I had last May when we went to Japan. We found a great little restaurant, which I think was in Akihabara where we chose the meal by purchasing a ticket and giving it to the cook. We wanted to try as many authentic foods as we could without going to big restaurants. There was so much to choose from! The katsudon was definately one of our favorites, served with a small bowl of miso and pickles, All for just over 600 yen. It was an amazing meal during an incredible journey. We are going back in October to see the fall colors and stay longer. What foods do you reccommend for fall? Your channel and website has been ten times more helpful than any cookbook to help us relive the flavor of japan.

  3. Katsudonburi, nikudonburi and oyakodonburi are three of the best anytime you are hungry, hangover relieving, munchie satisfying meals in Japan.  I guarantee it.  

    Katsu curry is also up there, but the first three are the kind of foods you can eat until you burst.

  4. Are there any substitutes for dashi, sake, merin i could use? Or can i exclude those? Reason is I can't find those anywhere as i live out in a place that has an asian foods section the size of my pinky. I doubt just the soy sauce and sugar would do anything for this dish.

  5. 😀 lookss Soo Delicious Ill make it. Thanks for the recipe I love all your videos the have been sooo helpful to me cuz I started to cook Japanese traditional food and I really enjoy. 

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