Kat-Kat Manioc — Mauritian Cassava (Yucca) Stew/Soup | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. ✿ Veganlovlie Recipes / Kat-Kat Manioc – Mauritian Cassava – Vegan : A hearty delicious nutritious vegan version of the Mauritian cassava (yucca) stew – Kat-Kat Manioc – that is prepared with portobello mushrooms, spinach, baby lima beans along with the cassava. ✿ FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE ▶ http://veganlovlie.com/2016/01/kat-kat-manioc-mauritian-cassava-yucca-stew-soup-vegan-vegetarian-recipe.html
    This dish is very often eaten on its own as a soup or accompanied with bread or rice.

    Tips: Pre-mince your ginger/garlic and keep them in jars in the fridge. This saves time and preserves them for longer. Here is the video where I explain how to do this: https://youtu.be/IVVk7CtXNpo

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    Teenuja (◕‿◕✿) + Kevin ⊂◉‿◉つ

    Special thanks:
    Cameraman and Video Editing: Kevin Mangaroo (http://www.kevinmangaroo.com)
    Audio credit:
    Acoustic Guitar 1 – Audionautix
    Orbit – Josh Woodward
    Beachfront Celebration – Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com)

  2. Hi i was wondering if you know how to make yuca dough? they make it for pizza and i found just one video not very good one, on how to make it. Many people go no flour now days it could be a huge hit for your channel. The point is i love to learn how it is done, i never cooked with yuca before ;o)

  3. WOW!! You're Mauritian?? OMG never saw a Mauritian youtuber with that may subscribers!! U are soo awesome and a gr8 cook!! I'm gonna show it to my mom!! She is gonna love this channel! <3 BTW I am Mauritian too!! I make youtube videos about DIYs!! Hope u can check them out!! Love ya!! PS I subbed !! <3

  4. Lovely soup, Thank you for showing us how to prepare it. Can you tell me what brand of vegetable bouillon you used in the video and where di you get those cute little spice jars. Love your style of cooking

  5. Wow this looks so good. I love how you bring in such unusual (well unusual for me ha ha) ingredients and de-mystify them. I bought some of Cassava at the market in Kauai about this time last year and, ended up not using it at all. NEXT time, I know exactly where to go! Shine on. x

  6. Happy New Year, Teenuja! Love watching tutorials on how to prepare more unusual starches; it's so easy to get into the potatoes and polished rice rut. The stew looks fantastic; just the thing for snowy weather : ) Thanks for posting!

  7. Wonderful recipe, Teennuja and packed with nutrients a complete vegan meal. Thanks for sharing. Btw, I remember that in one of your videos you mention a method to conserve grated ginger in the fridge. How was it exactly? Or do you put it in the freezer? Thanks

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