Kao Soi Curry Noodle Soup Recipe ข้าวซอย – Hot Thai Kitchen


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  1. I confess that I cheated with store bought red Thai curry paste and tenderloin beef. I replaced the water with low sodium beef broth. The rest I followed to a T. It was so delicious I don’t regret my short cuts. Also added Cilantro that always adds such a great flavor. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Hello Pailin ,
    First of all : Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing all these nice Thai food recipes with us .
    I have a question about your recipe s video of kao soi : My english is not good enough and I didnt understand what could be used instead of mustard green pickles ? Its the only ingredient i cannot find here in my french province .
    Thanks in advance
    Sabaidee mai krap

  3. I struggled to find "black cardamom" (in Indonesia is "kapulaga hitam") in Indonesia, because none of the sellers selling black cardamom, then finally I showed a photo of the "black cardamom" , it turned out that in Indonesia it was better known as "Indian cardamom" (in Indonesia "kapulaga india")

  4. I do wonder how one's supposed to manage the chicken wings? It is a great dish for sure. I've only ever made this with store-bought red curry paste (shame on me), thigh meat in pieces and prefab stock.

    Normally you would just have a spoon and chopsticks with this or not, both are hardly ideal to pick the meat out between the bones in those wings. But maybe I'm overlooking something here?

  5. You saved my life!I hope I can find all those ingredients here in Germany. Is there a problem using not home made curry? Which type of curry would come closer to this in case I don't find all those ingredients?

  6. Pai, your videos are awesome! Quick question: for either kao soi or other noodle soup dishes, what are your tips for reheating them or preparing meals throughout the week? I realize kao soi best fresh, but I enjoy this dish so much that I'd like to make it before my work week and then have it for lunch / dinner during the next few days.

    I realize the fried noodles and other condiments should be added right before eating, but for the soup noodles and broth, is it better to just store each separate, or store the noodles to the broth and reheat together, or something else?

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