Kalua Pork Recipe on the Big Green Egg!


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  1. Looks great! As I've said in previous comments I love Hawaii ! So much so I have two Ti plants at home here in the UK so I will use them instead of the banana leaves which I think is even more authentic? I notice no meat thermometer? Could I do this on my Weber or the mini smokey mountain conversion I made using my smokey Joe? Aloha from the UK !!

  2. this is great Greg, i will have to try this real soon, i have two huge banana Trees growing outside my house and this would be a cool thing for me to use their leaves for. By the way thank you so much for the help with that massive roast I was cooking Sunday it turned out great!

  3. thumbs down i didn't see you put any kind of seasoning on that meat look so bland no flavor you need some seasoning salt on there atleast with some garlic powder…that's what we do.

  4. I smoked two 8.5 pork shoulders for Independence Day on my Traeger using your recipe. I smoked the Hawaiian salt rubbed shoulders for two hours prior to wrapping in banana leaves. I also used turkey sized oven bags in place of the plastic wrap before wrapping in foil.

  5. I have a question about cooking time.  You had an 8 1/2lb butt that you cooked for 6 1/5 hours.  What temp was it when you took of egg?  Does it cook quick that is wrapped in banana leave saran wrap and tin foil, as typically cooking a regular butt it takes 1 1/2 -2 hrs per lb.  Now that is at 225.  Just trying to get my timing down I have a 9 lb @ 275 about how long if following your instructions.  Like regular smoke butt can you wrap in towel and put in cooler encase it is early to keep warm and not dry out?.  Nice Video by the way 

  6. Oh man – just ran across this. I do a lot of different things in my BGE, but have not tried this technique – and I love Kalua pork. But please tell me something – I take it there is no issue (chemical or otherwise) cooking this in plastic wrap?? Heard so much in recent years of plastic (mostly containers) leaching when heated, but not sure what happens with plastic wrap. Looking forward to trying – thank you for the great vid.

  7. Hey man this recipe was a hit at my BBQ today. I had the chance to meet Keith Jenkins. The owner of frog bone yesterday at Jungle Jim's. He said you two are doing some videos later this year. That's going to be awesome looking forward to it.

  8. I remember fondly my days working with a bunch of guys from Tonga and their pig roasts. Done just like this with the banana leaves,plastic wrap and foil then buried. They would do 3 pigs buried then a cpl more over the top of the fire on spits. Awesome eats!

  9. Happy New Year Grill Master! I smoked a whole chicken on New Year's Eve. You should definitely setup an Instagram page and post some pictures of your awesome culinary skills. 

  10. I honesty love all your videos sir, I'm actually testing your In & Out burger on my father tonight cuz he misses them so much & I have faith it'll be a success. Question, you ever thought about replicating the Dyers famous burger, cooked in the seasoned 100 year old grease? Keep cooking Ballistic, great job.

  11. This was a very interesting video to watch.  I would like to try this in the future.  With just putting on the Hawaiian Pink Salt where does the flavor come from ?  
    If you shop at Costco, they have Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil.  I use it all the time.
    Happy New Year and thank you for the recipe.  One more thing, have you ever had Montreal Smoked Meat ?  It's different than Pastrami.  

  12. That's a really slick idea Greg!  What did you end up doing with the broth?  I might try this technique and do a few different things with it like putting pineapple slices in with the meat while it cooks… that looks delicious!

  13. There is a restaurant in our neighbourhood in Tucson, Arizona, called Lani's Luau at 2532 South Harrison Road, right at the Northwest corner of Harrison and Golf Links, run by a former military man and his Hawaiian wife.  Eating there is like dropping by a small family restaurant in Hawaii, and we usually try to hit their Hawaiian music nights.  Kalua Pork is their signature dish, and it is delicious.  I get it almost every time that I eat there.  Good job on putting a receipt up here for it for those who do not live right near a Hawaiian restaurant!

  14. WOW Greg, i heard that in Oman they use the same techniques by using banana leafs but they use underground whole instead of the grill, my friend said it was the tenderest beef he ever ate and the most delicious

    happy new year for you gre and larry and all others pit masters.

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