Kafta recipe – Lebanese Cuisine


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  1. Where's the spices??? @ least some 7 spice….This is the most bland Kofta recipe I've ever seen….My mother's Egyptian husband taught us how to make it and we have spices in ours…..Jus'sayin…Gr8i video tho…

  2. the Kafta is Turkish not Lebanese, and the Lebanese food was always influenced by the Turkish cuisine .. one day we will listen that the Shawarma is Lebanese too .. so funny .. Ali from Algeria

  3. Dishes like Seekh Kababs,Seekh Burrahs,Patharih kababs(prepared on hot Stones) & we also have influence of parsi cuisine's in my native land and not to forget the Jews..Who also bought their food in my country…Farsis or Parsis came from Iran,Persia..Every food from Middle East to Far east has historical Background's… It's not European cooking which is limited to Thyme,Rosemary, Black Pepper and salt's in most of the dishes..

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