Kabuli Chana Biryani – One Pot Easy Dinner Recipes – Veg Hyderabadi CookingShooking


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  1. I haven't seen you for ages, you are all grown up!! All looks really profesional. Just a quick note, the list mentions chola, did you mean chana? You are ever so young, (please don't get offended) how you lost a tooth? I hope you can get it fix:)

  2. This look so good, I am not even an Indian and I love your recipes since I am a vegetarian. By the way, can you look at Burmese/Myanmar Cuisine and maybe turn it into a Veg replacement? I love Burmese food but most of us eat only meat!

  3. This looks good. I'd eat it! I just wish there was a place to get inexpensive spices. There are so many listed here, but some of them are so expensive at the grocery store. If anyone knows of where to get them at a better price, please share!

  4. olive oil? really? The taste & flavor of this oilRUINS THE INDIAN FOOD… it begins to smell & taste ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING… The Indian food is BEST cooked in ghee, cold pressed mustard, peanut or coconut oils. ButTHE BEST IS GHEE… PURE COW MILK GHEE. Olive oil, soy oil, corn, vegetable… THE WORST THING one can do to your body… It is like oil slick for the fish. BTW… flax seed oil IS NOT FOR COOKING

  5. You are a master craftsman in this trade. This is a perfect recipe, as always, absolutely clear instructions and explanation. Only an expert can make it seem so simple.

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