Julia Child makes an omelet


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  1. Growing up watching Julia Child and Graham Kerr they were and are my inspiration for becoming a chef. I have worked for 30 years in kitchens and I regret that I never got to shake Julia's hand and thank her.

  2. Julia Child was a Pioneer and is still one of the best references for classic French cooking in the United States. The ERB video was cute but I am sure Gordon Ramsay would only have kind words for Ms. Child were he ever asked. It was so great to see this wonderful lady again. I used to watch her on PBS when I was young. She was my first cooking instructor! Thanks for keeping her shows up on youtube !!!!!

  3. Everyone's yapping about a dumb youtube video bringing them here, but I'm amazed that Julia from decades ago just taught me a way to cook an omelet that I've never thought of before. Also, her throwing the 'omelet pan' on the floor cause Julia ain't got time for that shit LMAO

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