[Judy Ann’s Kitchen 6] Ep 4: Japanese-Themed Dishes – Ebi Fry, Katsudon, Chicken Teriyaki, etc


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  1. sa dami ng cooking show/vlog na napnuod ko, this is the best kasi very realistic lang wlang saktong sukat at wlang saktong menu na sinusundan palaging my suggestion c ms juday na pweding alternative kung ano lng meron tau sa bahay, very love it😘

  2. I'm 22 and before I don't know how to cook very well and I just stick to the basics but you inspire me to cook good and delicious food now, you made me realize how fun it is and now I'm enjoying it! Thank you!!

  3. Finally, subtitles! I was about to offer to make some lol.

    I always make yasai itame too to go with teriyaki (whatever meat). For the katsu sauce, we also add shiitake mushrooms. Yum!

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