Jiro Dreams of Sushi


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  1. The Empress Dreams of Sushi.

    Incredible Movie. Inspiring.
    There's always a better way.
    It's never too late. Ganbatte Yo!

    You Never Know what Lurks behind Tired eyes…

    9.6/10~a movie for Anyone and, EVERYONE.👾

  2. As much as I love sushi this is just arrogant self grandiose nonsense. " Takes 10 years before you are allowed to cook an egg" Really? 10 years ? This is why sushi is over-priced thin sliced raw fish on rice. Best fresh sushi I ever had was made by a Mexican guy nuf said

  3. Water is a vital element because it’s what cleans and purifies everything and enhances everything it touch especially natural stream water.
    I did notice they use a lot of water and respect which is what really makes food taste good

  4. I've been very fortunate enough to eat at Jiro's. I can still recall my wife (then gf) calling ahead close to 4 months before our trip to Japan to make reservations…how neither of us spoke Japanese and her desperately trying to confirm through an online translator and how whoever was on the other end was so nice and patient and didn't make us feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. Truly, one of the best and fastest eating experiences of our lives.

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