Japanese Yakitori With Teriyaki Sauce Recipe: Chasing The Yum | Video | Z Living


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  1. Hi I like your videos. i'm planning on doing a sushi business grab and go but I have no experience. Do you know how to make yuzu sauce? can you please teach me?

  2. "Once you work with ginger enough you can just bring the blade and kind of rub the finger of the ginger with the sharp edge and it kinda just brings the skin right off…" saying that, cutting half of the ginger off with his chopper knife… You use a spoon to peel ginger. It's faster, safer and you'll end up with zero waste.

  3. There's nothing wrong with MSG, it's a myth. Some people are allergic to it but that's it. Tomatoes are full of naturally occurring MSG but no one seems to complain about them. MSG is a fantastic flavour enhancer.

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