Japanese Valentine’s Day: Homemade Chocolate Recipe


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  1. Is there any way to order this without having a Japanese Amazon account? I was trying to brave my way through, but my current account doesn't work through theirs, understandably. My boyfriend is quarter Japanese, but he grew up there through most of his elementary… and girls gave him a hard time, so he never got any chocolates. I wanted to do something special for him by giving him something authentic. I'm looking into just buying molds and mixing up my own thing, but this kit is just too cute.

  2. I found your channel by an ad and i'm really enjoing it! Greetings from Venezuela. Can you do a video showing how are the sweets packaging ? when i say "sweets" i mean: "Ruffles" "Pringles" "Cheetos" "Coca-cola" "M&M" and so on

  3. I think your chocolate turned out so good! Way better than what I could do, since I have no artistic ability or patience -_-;. "Obligation chocolate" is a pretty funny term because the idea of giving a gift out of obligation is so strange to me (also to know that you're receiving a gift because of the other person's obligation).

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