Japanese-style Pancakes (Hotcake Recipe) | Cooking with Dog


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  1. Be careful with the Spanish version of the ingredient list on the description box, because it says "levadura" instead of "Polvos de hornear", levadura means literally yeast, and I believe that is a mistake.

  2. Mmm yum. I modified it to make it simple for lazy busy people. I used regular all-purpose flour in the USA but added a pinch of salt to help it rise with the baking powder that's already in the recipe. I don't know if it helps, Wiki said to do it. … I didn't sift the flour, it was 1am. I did the rest and I THINK YOU FORGOT TO SAY WHAT TEMPERATURE… low-medium (closer to low) worked. I just put that canned whipped cream on top and drizzled it with maple syrup as ice cream and nuts is a bit decadent for everyday brekkie for me and voila! Yum!

  3. Wow this pancake tips help me a lot with my Food technology assignment, thank you much I've been watching this channel and I love to learn more about Japanese foods <3 lovely, I love Japanese foods your channel help me a lot, i know more about Japanese foods. My favourite channel <3 keep it up .

  4. Cooking with the Dog. I need help. I make this twice. First one with 3 tbsp sugar. its not sweet at all. second try 6 tbsp sugar. still not sweet. Candy is sweeter than the pancake. Can you help me choose the right sugar and the right amount?

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