JAPANESE SPAGHETTI with Mushrooms (Easy Pasta Recipe)


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  1. As an Italian, this pasta is amazing!!! We even have the same recipe in the northern part of the country! I love how two countries so far way can share things together! That’s the beauty of life and people!

  2. Remember to add some of the pasta water because it helps the sauce stick to the pasta. And it would cut the soy a little. I would say go 50/50 soy/water. Great choice of mushrooms!

  3. Ooh my, it's very nice, and easy! I just tried it for dinner today. I would love to try maitake mushrooms, but unfortunately I can't buy them here, so I used one of my favourites, oyster mushrooms. I also added bacon 🙂
    Thanks for sharing wonderful recipes!

  4. This looks so good, I'm about to go to the grocery store and get the ingredients to make it tonight or tomorrow! Hopefully I can find some of that instant Dashi stock. Thanks for sharing this simple yet delicious looking recipe 🙂 I get heartburn from regular marinara sauce so this is a great thing for me to try!

  5. First, I have to say how much I love you guys!  You always make me smile.  Your videos are so fun to watch and totally makes my day.  Thank you for all you do and keep dancing! 🙂
    I really love this recipe!  I looks delicious!!! Could any mushrooms be substituted? (I don't think I can find those beautiful mushrooms in my town) I think I will definitely take your suggestion and add some spinach for color and to add more veggies.  Thanks for another great recipe!

  6. I loved the spaguetti dance xDDD
    I learn to use instant dashi because of you, with you natto spaguetti recipe and it really is magical!!! Its amazing how good spaguetti tastes. I have to try this new recipe!

  7. I'm not a vegan eater AT ALL but I can appreciate the very small changes you made to your recipe and suggestions to make this dish totally accessible to a variety of eaters. Personally, and I'm totally weird, but this seems like it would be amazing with a piece of fatty (strong) grilled fish like salmon or tuna. YuM!!

  8. I have followed you two for… over 1.5 yrs or so and … I do have to say… I am truly glad that Im still here!!! You both are entertaining, fun and informative !!!

  9. Just tried my hand at making this and it is so super tasty! My dad liked it a lot too :3 I did it with butter and ramen noodles (lol it’s what I had on hand)..oh yeah and shallots instead of garlic and onion..again mainly cause I already had it on hand lol So yummy though! Definitely plan to make this on a more regular basis to take to work again such. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!! ^______^ <3

  10. I was so excited about this recipe! Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods ever and pairing them with pasta is even better. Thanks for sharing something new to try with these two foods I love so much!

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