Japanese Rice Lager Homebrew Recipe


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  1. I made a Japanese lager with sorachi ace about a year or so ago but couldn’t stand the taste of the sorachi ace. Came through as dill like or pickle water….still drank it all because waste…

  2. Hi guys, I enjoyed this video very much, I would just recommend rehydrate the yeasts first in water and then put a few drops of wort into it. Then you can pour it into the whole wort. I don't say that it doesn't work the way you did it , but most of the yeasts could have died after sugar stress. Dried yeasts are dehydrated and they need clear water first to build the cells and then little bit of sugar so they can regenerate.

  3. It would be rad if you guys could post the carb rate you guys run on the beers. Its not necessary haha I am sure most of us just run around 10 psi, but sometimes its nice to confirm what you guys do, you know… for science.

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