Japanese Potato Salad (Mom’s Easy Recipe)


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  1. I have never seen any of your videos before but was looking for a "different" take on potatoe salad and stumbled across this i enjoyed the video as well as the recipe,also I adore you're mom she is really sweet looking forward to more recipes from mom,thank you😉

  2. Sounds delicious! The only thing I don't like about American(?) potato salad is the pickles, so this would be ideal for me – especially considering that egg salad is my favorite "mayonnaise salad" and this has boiled eggs… Even better!

  3. Thank you for posting this video and please thank your Mom for the wonderful recipe! I just made this and (aside from adding thinly sliced onion along with the cucumber, and shredded carrots to cook with the potatoes and egg), I followed her recipe and tips.

    Oh my goodness, I may be making this all summer. Oishi, yet so easy! Domo arigato gozaimasu!

  4. This looks so delicious – and I don't even like potato salad 🙂 I am definitely going to make this – without the ham though! One tiny suggestion – there are so many vitamins in the skin of the potato so why not leave them in? (I never peel potatoes!)

  5. I made it tonight for the first time with Dijon's mayo and shoyu instead of salt, my boyfriend loved it ! ♥
    The recipe is very simple to understand and can be maked everywhere ! A big "arigato" to your mom, she deserves it. ^^
    Greetings from Paris~

  6. Why didn't I boil eggs and potatoes together at the same time! I sometimes use microwave for potatoes, but boiling potatoes taste better. Thanks for your mom's recipe! これから、一緒に茹でよう♪

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