JAPANESE FRIED RICE “CHA HAN” RECIPE – チャーハンのレシピ – Cooking with Chef Dai “how to make”


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  1. So how does the rice stay in the bowl shape? Was it because of yesterday' rice or something else? Any tricks that you did not mention or did I miss it?

  2. This recipe was awesome. Also made a red miso soup after watching your dashi tutorial. Too bad you seem to have stopped making videos, they are extremely helpful and fun to watch. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. I've been brainwashed to never cook the egg first. I saw this video and it looks so good but you cooked the egg first! WTH, I decided to try it out. I used 2 eggs from our hen, diced spam, white onion, green onion, carrots and red bell peppers which is all I had on hand. It turned out to be the best fried rice I ever made! Never had more compliments from my family before over fried rice. This got you my subscription. Mahalo nui loa!

  4. no no no! never cook with sesame oil! it has an incredibly low smoke point. add the sesame oil at the very end, just after turning off the burner.

    also this is missing the oyster sauce. fried rice is not the same without it.

  5. You've just got a new subscriber. Question. Which tefal resistance pan are you using. You're using metal utensils on it and it doesn't seem like there's any scratch at all on your pans. How long have you been using those pans ? Thanks!

  6. I made this recipe yesterday. And it was soooooo delicious. The only thing I didn't ad was prawns, because I don't like them. And I substituted onions and smoked pancetta with leeks and chicken fillet. Today I ate leftovers and it tasted even better than yesterday. BTW, what type of rice did you use? I used parboiled rice.
    Thank you for this dish.

  7. I have to subscribe to your channel cause it all looks delicious and getting to know other cuisines through YouTube is great! I was in Japan for just over two weeks and I realised how much it has to offer in terms of food.

  8. I'm planning to not scramble the egg but use a poached egg, but first put a little of the rice and meat and veggies on the bowl, put egg in middle, and more rice on top to cover it so when I spoon the rice, I get some egg

  9. I've seen Burmese fried rice recipes with similar ingredients and style, but the recipe always puts the egg after the rice and the veges are added and cooked. What's the difference?

  10. OH i just found your channel! Considered myself super lucky! Thank you for the recipe! Grateful if you could teach us few more cutting techniques. Many many thanks!

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