Japanese French Fries (Umami Salt Flavor Recipe) | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)


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  1. I've never seen anyone deep fry like this, placing the food in cold oil and then bringing to frying temperature. Im excited to try this because the worst part of frying for me is dropping the food in the hot oil, this seems way easier! Thank you for the tip, I love your channel!

  2. Those look so good..now I just need to find a good miso potato recipe like the one I got every year when we went to Hitsujiyama Park Chichibu to see the flows SO GOOD! ^_^ <3

  3. これは本当に美味しそう(笑)ビールのお供にも最高(笑)それにお姉ちゃんが一回りも二回りも大きくなったのでビックリ!声も大人っぽく(笑)身体もガッシリして!この間まで赤ちゃん、そして幼児だったのが、子供子供しちゃって(笑)。小学校入学が近いんだネ~。

  4. I've been watching your videos since I was in 7th grade. I'm in my 3rd year of college now. Your channel is the only nonvegan cooking channel that I stayed subscribed to after I went vegan 3 years ago. I love your content and your personality! 💖

  5. My elder girl kept asking for the baby… she says she only want to watch the videos with the baby behind.. told her baby has grown up! I started watching you when you have a baby and I'm on maternity leave with my second girl and my second girl is already 3, so cannot expect baby to forever be a baby! XD

  6. Thank you for the recipe. I really enjoy watching your videos. Would you be able share some healthy baby and toddler meal ideas? I love Japanese food and would love to make some that are baby and toddler friendly for my children.
    I loved how you shared some already of what you make for your children. It seems like they must enjoy all the tasty food you make!
    I appreciate all the videos you upload. Not an easy thing to do with small children to look after!

  7. this looks so yummy! i don’t know if you know what this is but i recently went to japan and there was this delicious snack that were like french fries in a packaged bags and there were so crispy and delicious! it said it was a salt flavor, so i think it may be this flavor 🙂

  8. how often do you make french fries at home?! me? seldom. but homemade ones are the best. they were all gone in 5 minutes while it took 30 minutes to make… 😅👍

    how do you like your french fries? deep-fried or oven-baked? Me? It always comes down to what I want to make and eat. Deep-fried ones this time! Hope you like this recipe 😉

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