Japanese Food – PEKING DUCK Chinese Dumplings Stir Fry Kanazawa Japan


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  1. This is a Chinese cuisine restaurant in Japan. It is not Japanese cuisine! This Chinese
    YouTuber is stupid. He could not tell the difference between these two countries food.

  2. I love to eat these savory dish but I prefer to choose healthy food. Deep fried then stir fry in lots of sauce and MSG. I don't know, too much oil, sodium, sugar, and calories for me. Looks delicious though.

  3. What are the differences between normal duck and peking duck? I ate duck in Bratislava and it was similar with chicken. Yeah maybe so little better than chicken but it was like a bitter version of chicken. Chicken and duck taste comparison like milk chocolate or bitter

  4. I love cooking and I love Wok stir fry. I'm just wondering what all the different sauces/liquids he puts in the wok on the 2nd pass are! If anybody knows, that would be great!

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