Japanese Curry Taste Test LIVESTREAM


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  1. All of the curry looked good. Tomato would have been my favorite. Also brother Satoshi, that was one strange looking dessert. Custard, mochi and pancakes. Not to sure about that one.😂😁🤗😘

  2. I'm not used to Japanese curry because to me curry needs to have coconut lol. i grow up eating curries from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia kind of curry not the sweet based ones from Japan hahaha.

  3. I am sorry guys but you have been over shadowed again by adorable Justin!!!!! I can’t get over that look he has on his face while you guys eat curry 🍛. I love it!!! Thank you 🙏🏽 for having Justin in the video! Thank you for all your amazing videos. Both of you are amazing!!

  4. I can't believe it! I was waiting for the livestream and no notification! It was just over when I found the livestream and I missed it(T_T) It sounds it was a fun livestream! I'm gonna watch it later! Love you guys❣

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