Japanese Cheesecake – Delicious Baking Recipe | Craft Passion


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  1. Oltre ad essere chiara e semplice la ricetta, il video è anche molto rilassante😋☺️ ora proverò a farla, grazie💪
    PS lo stampo di hello Kitty è dolcissimo♥️😻

  2. I tried to make the cake but Mine didnt grow in size it stayed nearly the same I used the same ingredients and followed the recipe as closely as possible can you Tell me which step is responsible for the growth in size?

  3. Hello., it looks like so perfect., i hope you can help me coz i really do want to try it as my first (experience) recipe in baking. And looking forward to do it as my home base business coz im a single parent. Can you please share and send me your exact amount of each ingredients oon this cake. Thank you… 🙂

  4. You make it look so easy lol when I did it the batter wasn’t white it was this yellow colour I have no idea what went wrong but I baked it any way it wasn’t that fluffy but it was good

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