Japanese Butter Roll (Crescent Roll) – Recipe By ZaTaYaYummy


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  1. Hi! I love your recipes 😀 I made strawberry shortcake last week and it was awesome!! looking foward to try this one, but I have one question about the bread flower, is it the 000 flower? In my country the number of 0's is how refined the flower is, being the 0000 the plain flower I use to make cakes, the ones with less 0's is usually used to make pizza or bread

  2. Nanniz00: Yes you could, but texture will be slightly affected. Another way is that you could get something called, Vital Wheat Gluten. Use every tablespoon for a cup (130 grams) of plain flour to make bread flour. But don't fuss over about it. If you can't find those, just stick to plain flour.

  3. can i use normal All-Purpose flour instead of bread flour? i live in sweden and i don't know what kind of flour to use since we don't have a flour called bread flour. thank you

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