Japanese Beef Steak Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. I was buying beef meat yesterday and tonight Im planning to cool it and looking for the simple easy recipe and found your video. Just cooked it without sake and it taste to salty .. maybe I put too much soy sauce hahah.. I ete the steak with rice so it balance the taste 🙂 thank you..

  2. I'm looking for a speedy answer here, preferably by tomorrow (guess why lol), what would be a good, easy (if possible) little side dish for this recipe? What kind of sauce, maybe? My husband loves wasabi and fairly spicy stuff, I'm not a sauce person besides maybe something with soy sauce, though not straight (I'm picky), I'm taking a crack at this for V day tomorrow so I really want to do my best~ any and all help is appreciated!

  3. What a disrespect to the animal that died for this meal, over cooked steak, that animal died in vain, you should be ashamed to call yourself a cook with that burnt garlic and over done steak. Props for taking a beautiful cut of meat and turning into a monstrosity.

  4. Definitely trying this next time I get my hands of some steak.

    A quick question though, I notice you use sake in a lot of your dishes, if I do without will it effect the flavour too much? It's hard to come by where I live.

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