Jamie’s Moroccan Beef Tagine


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  1. Me too as many replies here I was wondering why did not you used fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes ? Here in morocco the best and cheaper tomato you can find it ever

  2. what happened to the first part of this video where you bought the food in a market and put it into a clay jar then cooked it into coil ashes for some hours… could i get that recipe, please? it was awesome

  3. This is like going to Tenessey for BBQ ribs and messing with the sauce by adding Teriyaki sauce. Dude, don't put squash in a Tajine like that, this isn't done in Morocco….usually the squash is put in couscous or pureed with fish dishes. i suppose this is your twist ..

  4. I saw the original episode when you were in Morocco and made one fresh from market and had it buried in ash.  Made me want to be there!  What if you don't have a tangine?  Will a good pot with a lid do?

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