Jamie Eason’s Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping | Healthy Recipes


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  1. Stevia in liquid only.
    Powder form has the added fillers of sugar!  Read the label. Liquid does not need filler so it is safer.
    Stay away from canned goods. 
    The liner in the can leeches in to food and it causes estrogens in the
    body. Fro men this is something to avoid. Soy is the same problem. We are a society of men with boobs and women getting breast cancer because of estorgens from food products.

  2. God forbid a woman of her caliber be known and praised for her knowledge and insight, not her physical appearance. If the only thing the MEN here can focus on is her appearance, then you already know a woman like that is WAY out of your league.

  3. I also go to the gym and train but I think if you're going to the supermarket and watch all the labels of stuff you buy will feel a little obsessive . Personally i go to a regular market, buy my stuff and never use canned products which usually contain high amounts of salt and avoid sugared juices or products (like cereals) and fast food, the rest is too much (at least for me) up until this point those options have worked for me,even so I like her a lot and i watch her videos.

  4. Thank you so much Jamie!!!
    Glad to have finally found something that I can definitely stick to.
    Most diets they ask to cut calories and fat down completely, and some fruits and veggies.
    But this I can work with, look at the nutrition facts if I can't pronouns it don't buy it; got it, thank you!! 🙂

  5. for those of you complaining about the bill – your health is worth more than saving a few dollars here and there. if you cant shop at whole foods, shop at aldis, they have a collection of organic products and produce.

  6. Thank u so much for such an informative video…i use agave necter…n was shocked wen outlined about its drawback😦….thanks for letting us know…n plsss hav some respect for women…she is helping u guys…n u r making fun of her….

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