Jamaican Red Pea Soup Recipe Video


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  1. Haven't cooked red peas soup since my mum passed in 2005, so I was glad to find your video, refresh my memory and have my siblings over for soup last Saturday just like old times. Tasted sooo good & brought back wonderful memories. Thank you🙂🙏🏾

  2. Sweet potatoes and yams here in Malta are very expensive. Can I substitute it with turnips or potatoes, and green plantain? Or would it be too sweet?
    Also, you said we can use ham hocks. I've heard you can use smoked meat in this dish. My ham hock is smoked…will it work? Thanks! xo

  3. Thanks for posting but there's too much talking and not enough time showing. Spend more time filming the pan on what needs to be done instead of focusing on the face. Swinging the camera back and forth is so annoying and confusing. Would be hard to follow this without keep playing it over and over or writing it down in detail after trying to work out what's going on.

  4. It's been many, many years since I last tasted red pea soup when my mother used to cook it on Sunday's. We cook it just about the same way in the Virgin Islands except I think we add a bit of sugar. I'm prepping my ingredients from now 'cause I gon make it tomorrow. Thanks a million!

  5. For convenience pre-cooked, canned red peas (kidney beans) may also be used. I find that most brands of the product, which I have purchased, are of good quality retaining texture, colour and taste. Also for me, no red peas soup is complete without the inclusion of yellow yam, pumpkin, carrot, Irish potato and coconut milk

  6. yummy made this with lentils but with no meat it was delicious…can i please have the name of the song featured in this recipe video? I was jammin and learnin at the same time LOL

  7. Another great recipe Ms. Faye!!!! I love it exactly how you made it, doesn't have to have pumpkin or irish potatoe bc it has Jamaican sweet yam & other yam. Good Job, keep them coming!

  8. Thanks Fay for such a good video.  I have been making all kinds of peas based soups lately and this confirms that I am on the right track.  I usually throw in whatever I have in the house.  I never tried the red beans soup but usually buy it.  I will try it the way you have done it next time. I will miss out the pig tails if I am cooking for some of my friends, though.

  9. I watched this video about 3-4 times.  My pot is on the stove bubbling and it smells delicious.  I actually had to run out and buy a bigger pot since I put a full pack of red peas (1lb) to soak.  Thank you so much for making this video. Keep up the good work and thanks for helping the rest of us to be better cooks.

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