Jamaican curry chicken recipe


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  1. great video, everything from the history to the ingredients was very well explained & distributed, sumting which other videos dnt really giv enuff attention to, thats how we do it here in trini also, nuff love

  2. u at salt!? i add salt only to egg.lol..season always have salt…lol…i love to burn my curry…but is I'm doing crab or shrimp…keep these coming

  3. I made your recipe today. May I just say that it was the best I have ever had! Cooking off the curry in the coconut oil made all of the difference. My little one who is the pickiest eater gobble it all up. I look forward to making more of your amazing dishes! You have no idea how long I have tried and failed making many curry chicken recipes . This recipe means the world to me 🙂 thank you from Miami!

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