Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken Recipe Video !! Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken Recipe Video !!


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  1. right now on today Sunday am going to try your new way, i cant let my mom see because she would say What are you doing!.. lets see how it comes out anyway it looks delicious hmmm.

  2. Are you single? Cause I'm greedy and you throw down in the kitchen. You cook; I eat. I think we would make a lovely couple! LOL. Seriously though, I am so glad I found you, you have no idea! My go to Jamaican spot has been letting me down. Their food has been disgusting as of late. With your videos, I'm doing it better than they ever did. Thanks a million! I will subscribe, buy the book cause I need my dishes to be beautiful and nice and lovely also!

  3. watching u cook this chicken wow am starting to do it ur way .
    normally I will put oil then sugar I done away with that. ur way or no way..
    you are great an am learning a lot from u.
    I will love to learn curry pork. may God continue to bless u

  4. it would help me so much if you also had a blog or something where you would have the written recipe for each of your videos. like how other youtubes put the link to the written recipe in the description box. I love your videos so much but it would really help me

  5. your meant to fry off the chicken first……this is what we do on kidd lane kingston brown stew chicken…always fry off the chicken first….thiss is some different thing….but still looks pretty tasty

  6. Brown Stew Chicken ? Not knocking you but It's in the name "brown" very important what you do to the meat!! you brown the  chicken  as in frying it, then stew as in stewing the fried chicken . what you made was simply stew chicken . the only difference between your stew chicken an your brown stew chicken is one you put the seasoning on the meat and one you put the seasoning in the pot!! remember not knocking "your" own version

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