Jamaican Brown Stew Beef With Tomato Rice | Recipes By Chef Ricardo


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  1. The reason why he said "Jamaican stew beef " because it's the way most Jamaicans cook their beef.Looks great love you and How to cook ms.fashionista

  2. Ricardo well done!!
    This looks really really yummy to the extend that i can almost smell/taste the food lol……i'd love to cook it too, but I don't know what that Liquid called Browning is…..what is it for? just for the colour of the food, or also for the taste??
    can you help me pls?
    Thanks and much love,


    New caribbean cookbook coming soon.

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    Ricardo Campbell, more popularly known as Chef Ricardo is not the kind of individual who waits for good things to happen, he makes them happen.

    Not content with being able to prepare first class Caribbean dishes, he has to share his passion for food with the world and has written two books on Caribbean cuisine which are available in stores and online.

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