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  1. Thank you for sharing it looks really good my daughter was wanting some Italian wedding soup. She was so sick yesterday it was snowing outside 29° cold chills the temperature of 101 had a ticket to the doctors and I said I was going to make some soup today than enough stuff to make Italian wedding soup I said oh shit like that she said mema I love Italian wedding soup. I don’t know what recipe to make her though I see you have another Italian wedding soup using the 🥬
    Jade W Wichita Kansas USA 🇺🇸

  2. Use half PORK and HALF TURKEY combined in equal parts together…a hand full of breadcrumbs…apx. 3 tbsps. PARSLEY and the same of PARMESANO cheese, add one EGG YOLK…mix well with your hands keeping meat cold while you work and into the fridge until you are ready to put them into the stock. *TO MAKE THE STOCK …use a bouquet garni (a bundle of herbs tied in some cheesecloth with cotton string) = 1/4 CUP PARSLEY, 4 BAY LEAVES WHOLE, AND ABOUT 20 PEPPER CORNS. Bring 6 LITRES WATER with 3 TSPS. SALT *AND apx. 4LBS PORK AND BEEF BONES to a rolling boil…cover and simmer 3-4 hours on LOW HEAT. Allow to cool. Remove HERB BAG. ADD 14 CUP FRESH CHOPPED PARSLEY. Once totally cool add 1/4 cup PARMESAN CHEESE, *adjust salt and pepper to taste. *DO NOT use TABLE SALT…USE SEA SALT….to make the broth and baby meatballs…try to get the meatballs to measure about 1/2''…substitute SWISS CHARD for SPINACH if you desire..very good! Bless Calabrian food!

  3. Italian wedding soup WITHOUT PASTINIS??…and eggs? Not in my part of Italy! I'm sure it's delicious…but definatly not what I'm going to get into any time soon. We USE BABY PASTA..

  4. Been trying to make Wedding Soup the right way for years… this recipe is GREAT! The ingredients add the perfect amount of flavor, especially the broth. Soup was Fantastic! We were cooking other items for dinner, and so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time preparing, so I got a product from Surfixinc (Melbourne, FL), to help make the meatballs faster. Turns out I saved at least an hour or more in the kitchen not having to roll the meatballs by hand.

  5. Stracciatella!  This wonderful soup was likely nutritious and fortifying for guests and the couple, what a winner!  So pretty!  A bounty for the newlyweds, very auspicious!  Wonderful channel.  Tante grazie!

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