Italian Wedding Soup Recipe – Noreen’s Kitchen


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  1. Very talented lady, I've watched 2, maybe 3 vids, each time the chatter moves from the dish at hand to ranting about diff things. This one, right around the diaper meat thingy was the final straw for me. Cooking is a fun and pleasant thing…..

  2. @ Noreen you mentioned in this video that the diaper butchers use to place under meat to soak up blood is dangerous because it contains chemicals but what about menstrual pads aren't those dangerous as well? I mean pads are like mini diapers so companies can use same chemicals right ?

  3. I do not understand how one can afford to eat organic………………I tried and it nearly doubled/tripled my grocery bill. If there is a trick t it please let me know.

  4. Thanks for this!! I'm going to try it.
    Ps. I love your personality. So relaxing watching you and feels like I'm at a friends house learning how to cook.

  5. Noreen ,I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm your super fan!!!! mother of 4 kids they absolutely adore this soup… thanks, God bless out here in New Hampshire is getting cold again!!! dinner was nice !!

  6. Omg this looks absolutely fantastic. I never would've tackled this recipe just because the name is kinda scary, but you made it look so easy. I'm making it this weekend. Thanks Noreen!

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