Italian Wedding Soup: Chicken, Escarole and Veal Meatballs, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. So glad I checked in with you. I like your recipe better than mine. I need to deliver a pot of easy to digest soup later today. My grandson, Gianni has an ailing tummy. This added to our prayers should fix him right up. Thank You so much, Gianni. Tess in NY.

  2. @Gianni I must say that I enjoy the way you present and prepare the dishes, Your cooking style is very relaxed and very relaxing to watch and the dishes look amazing please continue making these great culinary videos.

  3. @GianniNorthBeach I made it a couple of days ago and it was excellent.. it reminded me of flavours my grandma used to deal with! i also like to mix some rice in the meatballs!Nice, grazie te!

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