Italian Tomato Sauce Recipe – Authentic!


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  1. Enjoyed the Video. others complain about the talking, I quite enjoyed it. other complain about the video, the Hell with them. I just watched to get a good authentic recipe. and I thank you.. I will be trying it this week end. Thanks for the info.

  2. Pure sacrilege. There are NEVER carrots and celery in anyone's pasta sauce. Call it soffrito until Clemenza develops a six pack, you lost this guinea right there. My grandparents from Naples never used the word soffrito in their combined 183 years, more than Miss Whitebread did in this 17 minute cooking debacle.

  3. Too much oil usually 6 tbsp would be enough onions she makes them too big chop them up the best tomato in the can are grown in California they are called Alta Cucina most places don't carry him they're only wholesale about $3.75 can you can buy on eBay I think charge like $20 but but you can buy them at a place call Restaurant Depot but you need a card to get in has to be a wholesaler but some retailer do carry them

  4. Video poster is a fake, unless you tell her she is awesome She'll delete your comment. Don't ask any questions about her video or how she cooks or what Italians want, or nothing. No questions! She will delete them.

  5. Well in spite of all the negative comments, I’m just glad she call the sauce freaking “Sunday Gravy” like all you American Italians are inclined to do! Ma che cazzo gravy? Veramente!

  6. Help! I've been looking for this San Manzano can tomatoes with those labels that you mentioned in the video. I can't find one label on any product that says San Manzano on it. Maybe the packaging has change cuz this video was made in 2009, I don't know. Any tips for me, I live in Upstate New York I don't know if that makes a difference. I usually shop at Walmart ShopRite or Hannaford.

  7. I'd have a lot more respect for your channel if the video editing wasn't interspersed with gratuitous boob shots.
    Ok… you're attractive, I get it. But cooking channels get respect from the food… not what you're doing.

  8. You are the best sauce maker on the net. I appreciate not being told my mom makes the best 'cause she is a real Italian in Italy. You have the best informative video I have seen. Good work.

  9. Hi! I'm italian and I just wanted to say that whatever you have said is true but I can surely tell you that in Italy we DON'T use soffritto for the tomato sauce. We use it for bolognese sauce or any other sauce that comes with MEAT. For the normal tomato sauce we just use olive oil, garlic and tomato passata (the one you have is amazing), salt and lot of basil!
    ps: don't forget to add a bit of pasta water to the sauce before you drain it!
    Greetings from Italy!!

  10. What type of olive is are you using? Extra . . Virgin . . green or golden colored . . flavored . . ?? I've tried a couple of extra virgin in other recipes and they end up adding a fruity flavor, not sure how good that would be with San Marzano tomatoes.

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