Italian Style Sub Rolls Recipe & Demo ~ Noreen’s Kitchen


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  1. nice ice trick, I'm a bakery manger, last year for thanksgiving, water was out for the whole store for a few days. we had to use sterno to boil pots of water to proof the bread, and they I threw water into the oven to try and get some steam, unfortunately the bread still looked like crap, I might try ice if that ever happens again.

  2. Noreen, my kitchenaid took a dump, overheated it just a little. It has a thermal fuse that keeps the motor from literally burning up! But you cannot just buy the .50 cent part but the whole motor for whatever maybe fifty bucks! But I have a whole bunch of the parts I got for a nickel each! Just one more reason to not purchase a kitchenaid! I hope your follows Liston to you and purchase the Bosch! A lot more money but really worth it! So far it looks like you can purchase all of the attachments you can for the KA! So save your $ up and purchase a Bosch!

  3. This is an awesome video, 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  4. Bosh is G reman quality, you need to work for them! I keep my KA going with a handful of parts! Think about using a pan ful of lave rocks, it slows down the water evaporation, you might find that the ice in the bottom MAY. Be causing some funkiness. I am trying using a broad ting pan over my bread and on a stone, the verdict is still out! Now I am having problems with my cheap travertine baking stone-floor tile cracking. Anyone have any ideas? Thermal shock I think …….

  5. Thanks for the quick reply!! I love the end result and will try it tonight but in a sourdough version! The bosh is 425 on Amazon, I paid 249 for my KA, I love the way the bosh works. I have a fabulous attachment for the KA feed in tomatoes or fruit and it gives you pure juice! Thanks for doing the videos!

  6. You did not proof to double then punch down?? I use a 600 watt 6 qt kitchen aid it does handle it but in 6 years had to replace gears once, but it also grinds,shreds, juices, and a bunch of other things. I did not notice a lot of hole formation in the crumb?? I use a pan full of lava rock and water…

  7. Oh ya i forgot to say i burned out a mixer making bread just after i took it out of the box.It sucked flour dust in the front vent and i think the load was way to much as i tried to mix enough for four full loaves when i grew tired of the lil bread machine i had.haha

  8. Why do people add powdered milk rather than just using milk?Water is always added later to try and get the consistency your looking for so i just do not get the whole powdered milk thing.I get the potato flakes making the dough a lil more airy but does powdered milk do something different? I have never seen anyone tossing ice in the oven i always put a pan of boiling water at the bottom.I will enjoy doing that as anyone around will think i have finally teetered over the edge.haha Great stuff bread looks great.

  9. Thank you for your quick response! ! I did visited your website, I Saw about the unbleached AP flour, but wasn't sure if you required high gluten or bread flour.  I ll b using then my regular unbleached AP one. Thanks.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. great video! ! I am saving to buy a bosch 🙂 thanks for the recommendation. I ll b making these rolls shortly . did you use unbleached / bread flour/ high gluten. …?

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