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  1. why do Americans throw away the stem? that is the best part, it is buttery like the heart, next time peal the stem and cook that also, you will be surprised how tender and good it is

  2. Sauce in artichokes? Never did that before. I use Olive oil, lemon juice, cheese, cheese bits, break crumbs, oregano etc. But never heard of sauce on them. And I'm Sicilian from Sicily. There are many versions. I guess it's what you like.

  3. I am from Malta and we stuff the artichokes with breadcrumbs,anchovies,chopped parsley ,garlic ,mint , olives ,capers ,olive oil and lemon juice and some chili .. In the cooking water we add chopped fresh garlic,a dash of cider vinegar,olive oil,lemon juice ,olive oil and salt .. I am trying your recipe today .. 🙂 but I scooped the choke out before stuffing ..

  4. People are being skeptical here but I tried these artichokes and they were excellent, not dry or mushy. As far as the red sauce goes, it is a nice touch. Try them before you judge them and just because they are not the same as the ones you may have been raised eating, does not mean they are not incredible, they are!

  5. Oh what I would give for one of my late mothers stuffed Artichokes! She was not Sicilian, she was from Rome and so far this is the closest that I have seen that resembles her artichokes! I cannot wait to try this. thank you

  6. My Siciiian grandfather was a cook on a ship/turn of the 19th C…no red sauce but added capers & lemon juice to the garlic, breadcrumb, parsley evoo stuffing. I steam them for about 40 minutes in garlic parsley lemon water and then bake for about 15 min to dry out the crumbs. When I lived in Manhattan, I could get baby artichokes which cut in quarters and fried in the breadcrumb mixture. I think capers taste great w artichokes!

  7. i use this recipe every holiday and any special occasion. love this recipe. love watching the video too. making them right now for thanksgiving. great job on this video. ! i share this with everyone when they ask me "how do you make those stuffed artichokes".

  8. this is perfect. i have a lot of italian in me,  my great grandfather was 100% sicilian. these look delicious, cant wait to make them tommorow. thank you and best wishes!!!

  9. i never seen this sicilian recipe anywhere,
    i do sicilian artichoke stuffed too but not the same way, 
    but anyway, is it good ? if yes, who care where it comes ^^
    thanks for the recipe and your work !

  10. sounds wonderful…I will try. I really like the way it was presented…I LOVED the chef…he makes me want to make it! Love the Sicilian attitude! and I'm Greek! Wonderful video! BRAVO   thanks so much for the video…you are a natural!

  11. You stuffed the artichoke leaving the choke inside and baked it in. I see from your cooking experience that you are in the very beginning as a cook. You did not prepare the artichoke properly for your stuffing. How can anybody eat that artichoke without removing the choke, the most important thing to do!

  12. I will try this steaming baking method, this year. I never used bread crumb method. Maybe someday I will try it when just making for myself just to test it, sometimes I shred my own bread crumbs with Italian rolls, all depends. 

  13. too much oil  . I prefer to stuff the artichokes with a mixture of chopped olives, anchovies, bread crumbs and parsley with some potatoes wedges, in a half filled pot, slow cooking for 60 minutes eaten with some buttered maltese bread.

  14. So happy to find this recipe! Looks exactly like my Sicilian grandmother and mother used to make, I just never took the time to make it with them. Oh the things we regret….
    Anyway, I'll be making them for Easter and I know my family will love and appreciate them. Thanks for bringing back the old school (Italian style) to my cooking ♡

  15. Dang! You forgot to take out the hairy choke before stuffing them.  I've got a high side ceramic baking dish like that, everyone should have one, I would never cook anything in aluminum pan ( an altzheimer danger risk to you later on )  Other than that looks like a wonderful dish to prepare. 

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