Italian Sizzler by Tarla Dalal


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  1. tarla dalal madam queen bee of indian foodie, she was rocking lady revolutinised india brand name in cookery world of delicioius foodie my salute to her for making indian homes access to international foodie dishes

  2. That is perhaps the most deserved tribute you guys can pay to her. Her legacy and her work which has enriched millions of indian homes dining table has to be kept alive and growing at the same pace.

  3. Tarla ji. I dont know if anyone ever mention this to you. But as a viewer I think you are national treasure to that country. In the cooking world you should b given a padamshri award. I seen you since i was a young kid. Your cooking is very inspirational to people who do not know anything about cooking. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. Heloo mam..I really like your recepies and d fact they are all veg :)…. I am 18 and I struggle when I start cutting veggies o fruits …could u plz make a video on how to cut veggies in a decorative manner

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