ITALIAN SAUSAGE CASSEROLE RECIPE | Italian Sausages and Potatoes | Italian Food


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  1. The simplicity of the recipe created doubts but the resulting dish is something I'd be proud to serve at any occasion!  Really, a tasty, filling dish that could be served for dinner as well as a cocktail party or buffet– flavorful!   Just a note: we did go to our favorite Italian butcher/deli for his homemade sausage which I feel is key  as a store bought, mass produced italian sausage is not Italian but only in (marketing) name. I feel the flavor of the dish is dependent upon an artisan sausage as well as the blend of herbs — I was generous on all parts — herbs, sausage, salt, garlic (added fresh ground pepper)…okay, back to the wine!

  2. I love you Vincenzo. Your opening words "put some music on and open a bottle of wine" captivated me. Simple to follow recipes but really delicious. Please keep going! Des

  3. Chef Vincenzo this Italian sausage and potato recipe is not fancy, this is true comfort food. I like the way this dish was put together, it is something that I would definitely like to try. Nice job!

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