Italian Roast Pork Shoulder Recipe on the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill


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  1. Chef Tom ! Another fantastic vid and recipe ! Love that you are using a different grill too , that one looked interesting rather than the YS640. That is what I love about this show too, that I get to watch these awesome BBQs being used and their features. Great work my Man !

  2. Hey Tom. I love your channel . I just dont understand why you cut all the fat and remove the bone on a Boston Butt cook. In my experience that bone gives a ton of flavor …and you discard the fat after cooking. You can inject those Italian Flavors if you need them. I know you dont eat the fat and stuff but I'm just old school I guess. I really do like your channel tho…..Hey…make some homeade ranch dressing.

  3. A recommendation as a viewer, have a second video or extend this one showing the ways you would serve it up and it can be used not just tell, the whole show and tell is way better then the tell 🙂 Love your videos guys keep up the amazing work.

  4. This was interesting to see you make the wet rub. I’ve watched a few of your videos where you didn’t make the dry rubs. Is there a reason for that? Or am I missing something, like the rubs you commonly use is that a line you own? Is this typical in the bbq competition circuit?

    In my humble opinion it seems to take some of the skill out of it. By using others pre made rubs and marinades.

  5. Made this today on a Traeger. Smoked for an hour first and the increased the temp to 325. Finished in a Dutch oven at 350. Ran out of time and pulled it at 180 but it was still super moist and delish. I’m a huge fan. Thanks for making these videos. Spatchcock chicken this week.

  6. You mentioned we can add a comment to request something we'd like to see you smoke or bbq? how about goat? We're a traditional mexican family and I'd love to see how you would put together a goat recipe-hope you really consider this, thanks

  7. Stopped by the store when I was in town from KC Saturday, but you were in a sausage making class so I didn't get to chat . A recipe I would be interested in seeing your take on would be BBQ/Pit Beans.

  8. That vinaigrette was an interesting finish to the roast. It clearly came out succulent and delicious, especially that money muscle. I'm just sad I can't reach through my screen and take a few slices to taste right now.

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